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  • Dr Seleme Melato is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist with a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders (e.g. depression, anxiety, stress and trauma) psychosocial wellbeing (e.g. resilience, flourishing and thriving), psychometric assessments and Covid-19 support.
  • Our Offices are based in Sandton, Gauteng. See contact details.
  • The practice offers therapy to individuals, couples and families in need of professional guidance and support, to reach their therapeutic goals, whilst guiding and supporting them through their journey of self discovery.
  • Dr Seleme Melato has been in the Private Practice from 2001 to date (21 years).
  • Post the Life Esidimeni Tragedy, Dr Seleme Melato served as the Chairperson and Mental Health Practitioner on the Mental Health Review Board (Johannesburg) from 01-07-2017 until 31-07-2020.

To strive at being the best in the clinical psychology space, focusing on our clients, their therapeutic needs and goals and. The role of the therapist being to offer support in their journey towards optimum mental health functioning.

To continuously assist clients to see themselves as capable through the use of their innate strengths. To guide them in identifying and acknowledging their mental health challenges, needs and goals. And to support them in gaining self-awareness, a better understanding of themselves and others, thus building a society that is conscious of the fact that “mental health is as important as overall health”.

People focus:
The practice is wholly focused on our people. It is further built on trust with deep-seated respect and genuine concern for the well-being and mental health development of our clients.
A high standard of excellence and ethical conduct is always upheld. The practice is based on confidentiality, unconditional positive regard, and a non-judgmental approach to all our clients.
Compliance in subscriptions to relevant affiliation bodies, policies and procedures, provides the consistency for Dr Melato to be a trustworthy Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist.

Clinical Psychological Services

As a Clinical Psychology practice, our core services are centered around the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of psychological disorders. Furthermore, there is a variety of psychotherapeutic services, such as:

Mood Disorders (e.g Depression & Anxiety) - Trauma & PTSD - Personality Disorders - Bereavement - Domestic Abuse

Emotional Disturbance - Family Conflict - Relationship Issues - Psychometric Assessment


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